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What is Tinnitus? (Ringing of The Ear)

Tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception. Some of the more common sounds reported are ringing, humming, buzzing, and cricket-like. It can be constant or intermittent and is heard in one ear, both ears, or in the head.


Tinnitus is the perception of a sound that has no external source. Tinnitus can originate in the middle ear (behind the eardrum) or in the sensorineural auditory system.

Decreased Sound Tolerance

In addition to treating tinnitus, our audiology professionals apply principles of TRT to desensitize the auditory system of patients with decreased sound tolerance (DST). We also use TRT to treat both hyperacusis and misophonia, which are categorized as DST. Hyperacusis and misophonia can occur along with tinnitus or independently. Although both involve a decreased tolerance of sounds, misophonia is distinct from hyperacusis. While misophonia involves an adverse reaction to particular sounds, hyperacusis involves a negative reaction to sounds due to particular characteristics. Someone who experiences hyperacusis may be sensitive to sounds of a particular volume, type, or intensity. An assessment will be made at your initial interview so that we can properly treat any sound-related issues that you might have.


At Hearing Associates, our audiologists will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your tinnitus symptoms. We have two locations in Aurora and Parker to better serve our patients. If you've been bothered by unexplained ringing sounds, schedule an appointment with our team today by calling our Aurora, CO office at (303) 369-1096 or our Parker, CO location at (720) 842-1890. You can also complete our online form.

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