Tips and forms
before your visit

New Patient Information

Patient Information

For new patients, we ask that you arrive at our office 15 minutes before your appointment to fill out or submit your downloaded patient intake form. We look forward to meeting you!

Patient Intake

Please download and complete our patient intake form if you are a new or existing patient. These forms will be turned in on the day of your appointment.

Pediatric Patient Intake

Please download and complete our pediatric intake form if your child is a new or existing patient at Hearing Associates. It is recommended to keep a copy for your records.

Spanish Patient Intake Form

For the convenience of our Spanish-speaking patients, please download and complete our Spanish patient intake form. These forms will need to be turned in on the day of your appointment.

PHI Release Form

For new or existing patients allowing our hearing specialists to use or disclose your protected health information for the purpose of treatment, payment, or healthcare operations, please download and complete our PHI release form.

Communication Strategies

Reduce conversational difficulties with the right strategies to help listeners with hearing loss.

Tinnitus Strategies

While there is no cure for Tinnitus this guide has strategies to help you manage your condition.

Insurance Details

Hearing Associates works with most health insurance providers. To find out whether your insurance is accepted, you may ask our friendly office staff while scheduling your appointment or check out our insurance and financing page. For patients who do not have insurance, our current pricing can be obtained while scheduling your appointment. We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, or CareCredit.

Hearing Associates New Patient Information
Hearing Associates New Patient Information

Our Services

We offer an array of innovative hearing solutions to enhance our patients’ comfort and quality of life. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

What to Expect at Your Visit With Hearing Associates

At Hearing Associates, we take immense pride in operating in a welcoming atmosphere. All our patients are greeted with kindness and compassion from the minute they walk through our doors until they leave. Our specialists will take time to get to know you and understand your concerns to diagnose your hearing troubles and curate an individualized treatment plan based on your specific patient information.

What to Expect from Hearing Associates

A Path to Better Hearing

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will experience the Hearing Associates difference. We offer more than just a hearing evaluation and treatment. Instead, we educate our patients and provide them with innovative and comprehensive hearing solutions. Since 1989, Hearing Associates has been at the forefront of hearing technology, and our experienced audiologists have diagnosed and treated a wide range of hearing impairment issues. Together, we can help you find a hearing solution that fits your needs and budget. Whether you are in need of a hearing evaluation, or hearing aids, Hearing Associates is the best choice for all of your hearing healthcare needs.

Hearing Associates New Patient Information

Communication Strategies

Our communication strategies guide is a resource created by audiologists to help patients who have experienced hearing loss and their loved ones find effective ways to communicate. Eliminate guilt and frustration by developing a thorough understanding of how to navigate this condition.

For Individuals With Hearing Loss:

  • Communicate to others how you wish to be spoken to.
  • Face your audience directly for optimal understanding.
  • Position with back-lighting.
  • Plan for difficult situations (Pen and paper, phone keyboard, etc.)
  • Concentrate on the speaker.
  • Integrate visual and written cues.

Talking With Someone Who Has Hearing Loss

  • Get their attention.
  • Face them directly while speaking.
  • Position with face-lighting.
  • Ask them how you can facilitate communication.
  • Avoid noisy environments and refrain from having to shout.
  • Speak clearly at a moderate pace, keeping mouth cues clear.
  • Incorporate facial expressions and gestures.
  • Rephrase when communication is not understood.
  • Be patient, stay positive, and be respectful.

Why Come to Hearing Associates for Hearing Services?

Hearing Associates provides our patients with doctors and staff that they can rely on. With decades of experience and passionate dedication to our patients, we provide hearing solutions that will change the life of those with hearing loss. When you choose Hearing Associates for your hearing service needs, you will notice improvement in your hearing and be able to find relief from conditions such as tinnitus. Seek the best services in Aurora & Parker, CO. including Hearing protection, Hearing aids, Tinnitus treatment, Cochlear implant evaluation and treatment