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protecting your hearing

Protecting Your Hearing For Over 30 Years

Hearing Associates provides premier services and products for protecting your hearing in Aurora & Parker, CO, and the surrounding areas. Every day, 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerously high noise levels that cause permanent hearing loss. We offer a wide variety of universal and custom hearing protection solutions at affordable prices from the most trusted earmold manufacturers in the world. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts top-of-the-line equipment and services. Our audiologists and support staff are dedicated to providing a comfortable experience and personalized care plans for every patient we serve.

protecting your hearing
Understanding the importance protecting your hearing

What Is Hearing Protection?

Hearing protection is a means of reducing the noise reaching someone’s ear and their risk of hearing damage from excessive noise. Personal and workplace factors limit the effectiveness of hearing protection, so it is important that whatever type of hearing protection device (HPD) is determined as a good fit for you is professionally selected and used with care. Hearing protection may benefit you if you are frequently in a high-noise environment. Hearing protection devices come in various styles and types, including custom earmolds and earplugs and universal earmolds and earplugs.

Custom Ear Molds

Custom earmolds are explicitly designed for your ear to provide maximum protection against dangerous sound volume. A custom earmold is ideal for people who are routinely at risk of hearing loss, including construction workers, hunters, motorcyclists, and more.

Universal Ear Molds

Light-weight universal earmolds are perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice comfort or protection. Our universal earmolds are discreet and offer excellent protection against dangerously loud noises.

Musician Monitors

For musicians, hearing is everything. At Hearing Associates, we have various musician monitors, which protect you from the volume of music without losing the tone of your sound. Blue Hearing Protection Device Provided by Hearing Associates in Denver, CO

Sound Gear

These are custom digital hearing protection used for either your avid shooter or hunter. They have digital technology that allow them to act like amplifiers to hear a deer rustling in the grass, but once the gunshot goes off, the device attenuates the sound to protect your hearing. Sound Gear is sometimes also covered by insurance depending on your insurance policy.

Why Choose Hearing Associates?

At Hearing Associates, we firmly believe that better hearing makes for better living. In addition to offering hearing evaluations and treatment options, we also educate our patients and provide them with innovative and comprehensive hearing solutions. We remain at the forefront of hearing technology, boast a team of highly-experienced audiologists, and are the best choice for all your hearing healthcare needs. Since 1989, we’ve helped patients throughout Aurora and Parker, CO find premier hearing solutions that fit their unique needs and budget. Whether you need a custom-molded earplug or earmolds for hearing aids, we can help. We offer some of the best ear protection around.