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Innovative Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing Associates’ Hearing Aid Specialty Testing

Hearing Associates offers innovative hearing aid solutions and treatment as a premier hearing healthcare provider to Aurora and Parker, CO, patients. We guarantee a stress-free experience and access to innovative hearing solutions. Our team is dedicated to quality hearing and care for our patients. Since 1989, we’ve treated hearing-impaired patients with comprehensive hearing solutions to help enhance their lives. Our services meet your needs, from standard hearing tests and tinnitus treatments to cochlear implants and hearing protection. Contact Hearing Associates today to learn about our exemplary hearing services.

Innovative Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing Aids Testing Process

We are dedicated to providing hearing aids that are customized to every individual’s needs. Our hearing aid testing process ensures the devices perfectly fit and improve hearing. Our specialty tests include:

Acceptable Noise Level

This test evaluates an individual’s acceptable noise level intensities while listening to speech.


QuickSIN is a speech-in-noise test that evaluates an individual’s difficulty understanding speech in the presence of different intensities of background noise.

HA/AD Demonstration

A hearing aid/assistive device demonstration allows the patient to experience the benefit of the hearing aids / assistive device in their own environment where they encounter the most difficulty.

Conformity/Real Ear Verification

REAL EAR measurement accurately represents the sound pressure level and frequency response the hearing aids are providing in the individual’s ear rather than only using a manufacturer’s average

Brands We Carry

We use the most innovative hearing aids technology and brands. The brands we carry include:

Oticon Life-Changing Technology
Phonak life is on

The Hearing Associates Difference

Hearing Associates goes above and beyond a simple hearing evaluation and treatment. We customize our hearing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team educates each patient and provides them with comprehensive hearing solutions. Our experienced audiologists diagnose and treat a wide range of hearing issues. We work with you to find the best hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget. Our extensive range of hearing aid brands allows you to find the one you love. We’re proud to be here for all of your hearing healthcare needs.

Innovative Hearing Aid Solutions
Common Misconceptions with Hearing Aid Solutions

What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Hearing Aids?

The most common misconceptions about hearing aids include their cosmetics, size, association with aging, and expectations of functionality. Today’s innovative hearing aid solutions are small, and discrete. Various types of hearing aids offer wireless connectivity. It’s essential to have realistic expectations regarding hearing aids. They are customized to improve speech clarity and perfectly fit your ear. Our goal is to eliminate all misconceptions about hearing aids and provide optimal hearing for our patients. .

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We won’t let hearing loss hold you back. Our professional hearing associates provide customized audiology solutions to meet your needs. Contact our Aurora or Parker, CO offices today to schedule your hearing consultation.