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Cognivue computerized cognitive screening

We Offer Computerized Cognitive Screening

Hearing Associates provides computerized cognitive screening to patients throughout Aurora and Parker, CO. Cognitive screening is useful because it provides insight into a patient’s cognition while checking for any signs of cognitive decline. Research has shown a link between cognitive impairment and hearing decline. Because of this, getting screened is essential. We are proud to provide state-of-the-art cognitive screening to residents of our local community.

What are Cognivue Systems?

Cognivue is a patient-centric, science-driven system that assesses ability in the four domains of the brain – motor function, visual function, perceptual processing, and memory testing. As the world’s first FDA-cleared computerized cognitive function test, the Cognivue system is ahead of its time.

What is Cognitive Screening?

Cognitive screening, also referred to as cognitive testing, checks for problems with cognition. Cognition is the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Cognitive screening checks for any signs of cognitive decline, which is a problem in how a patient perceives and interacts in the environment around them. And while cognitive screening cannot show the specific causes of impairment, it can help determine if more tests are needed and what steps might be taken to address the problem.

What Happens During a Cognitive Screening?

There are different types of cognitive screenings, but each of them is designed to measure mental functions, such as language, memory, and the ability to recognize objects. Some cognitive screenings involve answering a series of questions, while others require simple tasks to be performed.

Why Should You Take a Cognitive Screening?

Patients should undergo a cognitive screening because research has determined that cognitive decline is related to hearing impairment. In fact, hearing impairment was determined to be the top modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline when identified and addressed during someone’s mid-life. If you’re showing any of the following signs, you could likely benefit from undergoing cognitive screening. These signs include:

  • Losing things often
  • Increased anxiety
  • Increased irritability
  • Losing your train of thought in conversation
  • Frequently forgetting appointments and events
  • Difficulty coming up with words you would usually know

What are the Learning Objectives of Cognivue?

Cognivue deals with cognition but also with hearing health. Audiologists are a critical component for the early detection of cognitive decline. The learning objectives of Cognivue include:

  • Review cognitive performance, cognitive decline, and the importance of early detection
  • Review research associated with cognitive performance and its correlation to hearing loss
  • Review the impact cognition has on hearing in challenging listening situations
  • Discover the importance of providing cognitive screenings to all patients
  • Examine how audiologists can utilize information from cognitive screenings
  • Learn how to integrate cognitive screenings into patient visits
  • Learn about the revenue models associated with incorporating cognitive screenings
  • Explore patient communication techniques and marketing initiatives related to cognitive health
  • Discover how cognitive screenings can help build your specialist referral base

Why Choose Hearing Associates for Cognitive Screening?

At Hearing Associates, we believe that better hearing makes for better living. In addition to standard hearing evaluations, we are now offering cognitive screening due to the close correlation between cognitive decline and hearing impairment. Additionally, we take the time to educate our patients and provide them with innovative and comprehensive hearing solutions. We remain at the forefront of hearing technology, boast a team of highly- experienced audiologists, and are the best choice for all your hearing healthcare needs. Since 1989, we’ve helped patients throughout Aurora and Parker, CO find premier hearing solutions that fit their unique needs and budget.

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What are the Features of Cognivue Thrive?

Cognivue Thrive is one of the various Cognivue systems. The Thrive system evaluates three cognitive domains – memory, visuospatial, and executive function. It also measures two speed performance parameters – reaction time and speed processing. The results of the Cognivue Thrive screening help audiologists determine a comprehensive management strategy for age-related hearing loss. The features of the Cognivue Thrive test include:

  • 10-minute cognitive assessment
  • Self-administered by the patient
  • Portable, laptop-like device
  • User-friendly, dashboard-style results
  • Comprehensive implementation resources
  • Why We Conduct Cognivue Screenings Infographic

Contact Us for Cognitive Screening

Over the last three decades, our professional team of audiologists has diagnosed and treated a wide range of hearing impairment issues. With our vast experience, you can rest assured you’re in the care of qualified and capable hands when you visit Hearing Associates. Check out our patient information page to learn more about our insurance and financing options and to download our patient forms if you are a new patient. Contact us today to schedule a cognitive screening with our professional team.