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Dr. Bruce D. Schachterle has been an accomplished audiologist in the metro area for over 35 years and his experience is unparrallelled. His years of service to the community as well as his drive to continue education will provide you with the expertise needed to improve your quality of life. In 1989 he opened Hearing Associates which is family owned and operated - and local! Because we are all family, we do our best to make our patients part of the family too. We pride ourselves in providing high quality service and personalized care based on your individual needs. We know you have many choices for hearing services today, find out why you should see an Audiologist.

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Hearing Aids and Accessories

Dr. Schachterle and his staff take pride in providing the latest and greatest hearing aid technology available. Our world is changing dramatically and constantly when it comes to technology, and hearing aids and their accessories are keeping up. New digital hearing aids take in all available noise, evaluate the sounds, and then change the output to the wearer to optimize speech clarification and cut out the background noise.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

A great selection of hearing aid products and accessories to suit your hearing loss needs.

Musician Monitors

Musician Monitors

We offer musicians maximum protection with custom fitted ear molds and ear plugs.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic Evaluations

Comprehensive testing to properly diagnose and treat your particular hearing loss.

Latest Hearing Technology

Bluetooth technology devices reproduce phone conversations directly into users hearing aids wirelessly. TV devices provide hours of wireless assistive listening directly through the hearing aids so that users can enjoy TV with their families without turning up the volume. New smart phone apps can be used as remote controls for your hearing aids giving wearers more flexibility and less to carry around.


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We offer custom products for hearing loss prevention, detailed diagnosis of any hearing problems, and superior care and technology for correcting hearing loss.

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