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Hearing Testing With Hearing Associates


Hearing loss is an individualized condition that ranges from minor to severe cases. The reality of hearing issues is that even the most baseline hearing conditions can become severe when left untreated. At Hearing Associates, we conduct in-depth hearing tests to treat and prevent the progression of our patients' hearing conditions.

The Purpose of Hearing Tests


Our specialists utilize a range of innovative methods to conduct in-depth hearing evaluations. These evaluations allow us to better understand a patient’s inner ear function by testing the intensity they hear sounds, pitches, and frequencies, as well as other fundamental functions that enable an individual to use their hearing comfortably.

Determining If You Need a Hearing Test


There are several signs it may be time to have your hearing tested, such as:

  • Trouble hearing in public places.
  • Being unable to hear when someone is speaking.
  • Pain or ringing in your ears.
  • Dizzy spells.

If you do not have any of the symptoms above but are concerned about your hearing, don’t hesitate to see a specialist.

Hearing Tests


At Hearing Associates, we want our patients to feel informed about the hearing testing process, as hearing is a crucial part of your quality of life. Our hearing tests are pain-free and non-invasive and performed by specialists eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth, insightful procedure.

Speech Testing


Speech testing evaluates how well a patient can hear people’s voices. It is a process that allows us to grade your ability to hear and process speech.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)


Otoacoustic emissions enable us to test the functionality of the cochlea. This test is primarily conducted on newborns; no patient response is necessary.

Pure Tone Testing


Pure Tone Testing is a process that determines your hearing capabilities by playing and recording the softest possible sounds you can hear.

Middle Ear Test


Middle ear testing uses tympanometry, which allows us to test the mobility of the eardrum. It also utilizes acoustic reflex testing to measure how much the muscle in your ear contracts in response to sound.

Audiogram Service


Once your hearing tests are complete, an audiologist will compose a detailed audiogram. An audiogram is a graph that details the patient's hearing condition. Your hearing will be placed on a spectrum, allowing you to understand the type, degree, and configuration of your hearing loss.

Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are electronic, battery-operated hearing devices that amplify sounds for the individual wearing them. To be eligible for hearing aids, a hearing test may be conducted by a specialist. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, a hearing test will inform your audiologist about how to adjust your new hearing aids for optimal performance.

The Importance of Consulting a Trusted ENT Professional


By allowing a trusted ENT professional to assess and diagnose your hearing, you begin the road to hearing correction. An ENT specialist has a wide array of resources and treatment considerations to fit the needs of their patients and years of specialized experience. Hearing loss is a delicate condition and should only be handled by an expert.

Choose Hearing Associates for Your Hearing Test


Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced audiologists are equipped to diagnose your condition, curate an effective treatment plan, and preserve your precious hearing. We are committed to excellence and we understand the importance of having a reliable specialist aid you in your hearing journey.

Let’s Discuss Your Hearing Needs


No matter what types of hearing tests you may need, we can help at Hearing Associates. We take pride in accommodating a wide range of patients with our ability to provide a variety of professional hearing tests and treatments. Contact our Aurora or Parker office to learn more about our industry-leading hearing services, or schedule an appointment online today!

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