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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Protection

The Best Hearing Protection Solutions Are Here


Since 1989, Hearing Associates has provided Aurora and Parker, CO residents with the best hearing solutions available. Whether you’re looking for a custom-molded earplug or earmolds for hearing aids, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team understands that better hearing makes for better living. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that each of our valued patients is equipped with the best ear protection. Below, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about hearing protection.


What Is Hearing Protection?

Hearing protection is a means of reducing the noise reaching someone's ear and their risk of hearing damage from excessive noise. Personal and workplace factors limit the effectiveness of hearing protection, so it is important that whatever type of hearing protection device (HPD) is determined as a good fit for you is professionally selected and used with care. Hearing protection may benefit you if you are frequently in a high-noise environment. Hearing protection devices come in various styles and types, including custom earmolds and earplugs and universal earmolds and earplugs.


What Are The Best Ear Protection Devices?

Some of the best ear protection devices include earplugs, earmolds, earmuffs, wax balls, noise-canceling headphones. These devices can all help prevent hearing loss.


Does Hearing Loss Occur Naturally As We Age?

Age-related hearing loss, also called presbycusis, gradually occurs in most people after the age of 55. Often, this runs in families and occurs due to changes in the inner ear and auditory nerve. People with presbycusis often find it challenging to tolerate loud sounds or hear what others are saying. All that said, if you weren’t frequently exposed to loud noises throughout your life, you might retain normal hearing levels into your senior years.

Can One’s Profession Contribute To Hearing Loss?

Occupational hearing loss is more common than people might think. Whether you’ve endured a one-time exposure to an intense sound or repeated exposure to loud sounds, one’s profession can most certainly contribute to hearing loss. Those connected to occupational hearing loss include factory workers, entertainment venue workers, musicians, farmers, dental workers, and construction workers.


What Are The Symptoms Of Hearing Damage?

We recommend that you find a hearing specialist if you notice any of the following signs or symptoms you’ve had exposure to loud sounds. The symptoms of hearing damage include the following:

  • Speech and other sounds suddenly sound muffled
  • Your ears suddenly feel stuffy
  •  You experience difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds
  • Difficulty understanding speech over the phone
  • Your ears hurt after being in a loud place
  • Your hearing is suddenly sensitive to noise
  • There is a ringing or buzzing in one or both ears


Why Is Hearing Protection Important?

Hearing protection is essential for many reasons. First and foremost, the prerogative of hearing protection and hearing protection devices (HPDs) is to help keep your ears happy and healthy. Hearing loss is preventable, but it is not reversible once it occurs. Hearing protection helps protect your ears from damaging noises. Prolonged exposure to damaging noises can lead to long-term damage.

When Should I Get My Hearing Tested?

It is important to get your hearing tested if you notice any significant change in your hearing abilities, are around loud noises frequently, are concerned your hearing may be at risk due to work or lifestyle choices, or are over the age of 55. We can discuss the best options available for your specific needs.

How Can Hearing Damage Be Prevented?

Age-related hearing loss isn't necessarily something that can be prevented, but noise-induced hearing loss, on the other hand, can be. With the use of customized hearing protection and limiting one's exposure to loud sound levels, it's possible to prevent hearing damage.

How Can Custom Hearing Protection Help?

Custom hearing protection can help reduce sound intensity without blocking out sound completely.

What Types Of Hearing Protection Are Available?

Customized earplugs and earmolds offer much better protection than store-bought earplugs. This is because customized hearing protection solutions are designed to specifically fit your ears, offer more peace of mind, and provide patients with their best possible protection against hearing loss.

How Do I Choose The Right Hearing Protection Device For Me?

Hearing protection isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Choosing the right hearing protection device can be challenging. Still, with the help of Hearing Associates, it doesn't have to be. Our custom products include:

  • Hearing aid earmolds
  • Hunters & shooters electronic molds
  • Passive & active noise reduction earmolds for musicians
  • Pilot earmolds
  • Swim molds
  • Sleep molds

Contact Hearing Associates Today To Learn More

The professional team at Hearing Associates provides premier hearing protection services to patients throughout Aurora and Parker, CO, as well as the surrounding areas. With more than three decades of experience diagnosing and treating various hearing impairment issues, we know what we’re doing. Check out our patient information page to learn more about our insurance and financing options and to download our patient forms if you are a new patient. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our hearing protection services.


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