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Every day, 30 million Americans are exposed to dangerously high noise levels that could cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing Associates offers a wide variety of universal and custom hearing protection at very affordable prices from the most trusted ear mold manufacturers in the world.

Custom Ear Molds – Custom ear molds are designed specifically for your ear to provide maximum protection against dangerous sound volume. A custom ear mold is ideal for people who are routinely at risk of hearing loss, including construction workers, hunters, motorcyclists, and more.

Universal Ear Molds – For those that don’t want to sacrifice comfort or protection, we carry a variety of light-weight universal ear molds. Our universal ear molds are discreet and offer excellent protection against dangerously loud noises.

Musician Monitors – As a musician, your hearing is everything. At Hearing Associates, we have a variety of musician’s monitors, which protect you from the volume of music without losing the tone of your sound.

Visit Hearing Associates today to find the right hearing protection for you. Call today to schedule your consultation. 

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