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Hearing Aids And Specialty Testing in Aurora

Hearing Tests

If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, visit Healing Associates’ Aurora office for a hearing test and consultation. We will inspect your ear canals with our video otoscope, complete pure tone, middle ear, and speech tests, and use otoacoustic emissions to evaluate your inner ear. These tests allow us to recommend the correct hearing aid to treat your symptoms. 


We also offer a range of specialty testing for your hearing aid, such as Acceptable Noise Level, QuickSin, Real Ear Verification, and the Abbreviated Profile of Hearing Aid Benefit (APHAB). These tests provide our audiologists with important information for determining the effectiveness of your hearing device.  


State-of-the-Art Hearing Aids

At Hearing Associates, we offer a wide range of hearing aids using the latest technology. Different hearing aids serve different needs, so our providers can help recommend the right one to fit yours depending on the severity of your hearing loss, in addition to your lifestyle and budget. 

We carry hearing aids and personal sound amplifiers from trusted brands such as Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, and more. They can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone, computer, television, or mp3 player for the ultimate convenience and sound quality.


Aurora Location


Tinnitus Testing and Treatment

Tinnitus is a symptom of other underlying conditions and requires specialized assessment to determine its possible causes. Our audiologists will provide a complete evaluation and suggest treatment options to mitigate your symptoms. At Hearing Associates, we use Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, an effective two-part program that includes counseling and Sound Therapy. 


Cochlear Implants and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids

When hearing aids are not enough, a cochlear implant may be the solution. Our audiologists have decades of experience with the latest technology, so they can help you determine the ideal treatment plan for your condition. A cochlear, hybrid, or bone conduction implant can help restore your hearing and improve your quality of life.


Hearing loss can affect your ability to connect to the world and the people around you. If you’re ready to take your life back, contact our Aurora office to find out more about our personalized approach to treating hearing loss. Our audiologists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet all your hearing loss needs. 


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