Troubleshooting Hearing Aids in Aurora & Parker, CO

Common Hearing Aid Issues: Tips for Troubleshooting

As with all technology, hearing aid users are certain to experience issues from time to time. Basic troubleshooting tips can help resolve some of these problems, avoiding that extra trip to the audiology clinic.


Is the hearing aid weak or dead (no sound)?

First, make sure the hearing aid is turned on. For hearing aids with conventional batteries, make sure the battery door is completely shut. The battery may upside down if the battery door is not closing properly. If there is still no sound, ditch the battery and get a new one, it may be dead! It is also wise to double check the volume of the hearing aid. Make sure they are at an appropriate listening level, increasing the volume may help significantly. Lastly, check that wax filter! It may be plugged, preventing any sound from entering the ear canal. If so, be sure the replace it!


Is the hearing aid squealing or whistling (feedback)?

A squealing hearing aid may be because the volume is too loud. Try lowering the volume to see if that helps. Secondly, make sure the hearing aid is properly situated in the ear. For example, feedback may occur if an earmold is not placed correctly in the ear or if a tip is not fully on the loudspeaker. Also, make sure the microphone is not covered by an object, such as a hat, scarf, or pillow. This is sure to create noise! Finally, excessive wax may also produce a whistle. If you believe this is the case, be sure to visit a certified audiologist to have it removed!


Is the hearing aid distorted or intermittent?

If sound quality is distorted or intermittent your hearing aids may have been exposed to moisture. Always be sure to avoid water when wearing hearing aids and to store them in a dry place when not in use, especially after sweating. Desiccant (drying) discs may be purchased to draw moisture out as well. Again, replacing the battery may help, as it may be weak or defective. Lastly, if you notice an cracks in the hearing aid, be sure to visit Hearing Associates, so we can send it out for repair!