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At Hearing Associates in Aurora & Parker, CO, we are passionate about providing excellent hearing services to our community. Our audiologists and knowledgeable staff have experience diagnosing and treating a wide array of hearing impairment and ear health issues. Since 1989, we have been leading the pack in hearing technology. With our experience, training, and passion, we provide you with comprehensive hearing services that you can trust. If you are in the Aurora or Parker, CO area and need quality hearing solutions, our team will provide you with the perfect solution and treatment plan for you.

Hearing Associates in Aurora & Parker, CO

Our team knows that hearing health is tied to many other aspects of your health. That’s why we are so passionate about providing our patients with care and services centered around the entire person, not just their ears. Our experts will work hard to diagnose, treat, and care for your hearing needs, whatever they may be. Whether you are seeking treatment for tinnitus, need hearing protection, or are experiencing a hearing deficit, our team can provide these services to you and your loved ones.

Hearing Aids in Aurora, CO

Hearing Aids

At Hearing Associates, our doctors are equipped with the latest in innovative hearing technology. We are able to accurately diagnose your hearing impairment and provide you with the best products to improve your hearing.

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Cochlear Implants in CO

Cochlear Implants

Our doctors of audiology are skilled in the assessment and programming of cochlear implants and other implantable devices and work closely with local surgeons as part of the Cochlear Provider Network to provide numerous options for our patients.


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Tinnitus Treatment in Parker, CO

Tinnitus Solutions

Hearing Associates provides the latest in diagnostic and treatment services for tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance issues.

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Our Patients Say It Best!

"I was really pleased with Hearing Associates. The staff was very informative, professional, friendly, and fast with getting me my hearing aids. If you have trouble with your hearing, you can't go wrong with hearing Associates."

Don R.

"This is my first hearing exam. I was very pleased with the thoroughness of the exams, the comprehensive explanations of the results and the friendly welcome and care from everyone there. I tried some over the counter hearing aids, before with very disappointing results. After getting all of these tests and evaluations I understand why OTC aids will never work as well as those designed specifically for me. Thank you for your care, I'm looking forward to resolving my hearing issues."

Richard P.

"I've worked with Dr. Perez-Saenz. She very patiently went through results of the evaluation and the recommendations that came as a result of it. She has been very thorough and pleasant throughout our sessions."


Our Hearing Solutions

Our audiologists and staff are dedicated to creating an individualized treatment plan for each one of our patients that may involve the following solutions:

  • Hearing Evaluation: Whether from age or otherwise, many Americans experience hearing loss in their lifetime. If you or your family and friends notice that you are having a hard time hearing, it may be an indicator that you are starting to experience hearing reduction. That’s why we provide thorough hearing testing for our patients. We complete a series of simple tests to determine the health of your ears and what may be causing hearing loss
  • Tinnitus Treatment: Tinnitus is an uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating condition that results in ringing in the ears that can be either intermittent or constant. It can also present with noises such as hissing, buzzing, roaring, or whistling. While many clinics tell patients that there is no treatment or cure for tinnitus, our team at Hearing Associates consistently and successfully utilizes new tinnitus treatment methods to provide relief and healing for the majority of our patients with tinnitus. Our two-part Tinnitus Retraining Therapy helps successfully reduce the volume or severity of symptoms for people who suffer with tinnitus.
  • Hearing Devices: Hearing aids are tiny devices that are placed in the listener’s ears to amplify sounds. While hearing aids have been around for quite some time, they continue to become more advanced and comfortable with technological developments. At Hearing Associates, we are equipped with the latest and greatest in innovative hearing technology.
  • Cochlear Implants: Sometimes traditional hearing aids aren’t effective or helpful for patients. That’s why we provide testing, activation, and programming for cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids. Cochlear implants bypass the outer and middle ear system entirely. Cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids use state of the art methods to send sound to the brain in ways other than through that of a normal hearing ear.
  • Cognivue System: Research shows that there is a link between hearing decline and cognitive impairment. As this link has been studied, a computerized cognitive screening system came about called Cognivue. Cognivue helps us to counsel our patients on the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline, as well as offers us an objective measurable tool to compare pre- and post-treatment cognition screening scores.

Meet Our Team

Gabriela Perez Saenz

Gabriela Perez-Saenz, Au. D. Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Perez-Saenz has a deep passion for helping individuals with hearing loss hear better and improve their quality of life through amplification. Dr. Perez-Saenz continuously strives to provide exceptional quality care to individuals with communication and hearing difficulties.

John Molina, Au. D. Doctor of Audiology at Hearing Associates

John Molina, Au. D. Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Molina lives in South Denver Metro with his daughter Kyla who is hearing impaired in one ear. He feels particularly blessed that hearing loss is something he knows a wealth of information about so that he can not only assist his daughter with her hearing needs, but also patients who have similar difficulties.

Gabriela Perez Saenz

Katie Steffen, Au. D. Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Steffen has a strong desire to help individuals with hearing loss communicate
and interact more completely with the world around them. Her interest in Audiology began when she started taking American Sign Language classes in high school and transferred to treating patients with hearing and balance disorders in college.

Why Come to Hearing Associates for Hearing Services?

Hearing Associates provides our patients with doctors and staff that they can rely on. With decades of experience and passionate dedication to our patients, we provide hearing solutions that will change the life of those with hearing loss. When you choose Hearing Associates for your hearing service needs, you will notice improvement in your hearing and be able to find relief from conditions such as tinnitus. Seek the best services in Aurora & Parker, CO. including:

  • Hearing protection
  • Hearing aids
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Cochlear implant evaluation and treatment

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A Path to Better Hearing

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will experience the Hearing Associates difference. We offer more than just a hearing evaluation and treatment. Instead, we educate our patients and provide them with innovative and comprehensive hearing solutions. Since 1989, Hearing Associates has been at the forefront of hearing technology, and our experienced audiologists have diagnosed and treated a wide range of hearing impairment issues. Together, we can help you find a hearing solution that fits your needs and budget. Whether you are in need of a hearing evaluation, surgery, or hearing aids, Hearing Associates is the best choice for all of your hearing healthcare needs.

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