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Personal Sound Amplifiers


What exactly is a hearable?

You may have heard the term “wearable”in relation to wireless technology that you wear (e.g. Smart watch). A hearable is similar, but can offer both an enhanced listening experience (since it’s worn in your ear) and biometric data for heart-rate monitoring, performance tracking, etc.

Listen. Track. Communicate.

The Dash Pro is a wireless smart earphone that combines three essential features in one product.

>> Listen: A one-touch standalone music player
>> Track: A live sports assistant
>> Communicate: A smart phone companion

At Hearing Associates we realize that not everyone needs or is ready for traditional hearing aid amplification. In some cases minor communication challenges may require just a little help from a personal sound amplifier. We proudly offer The Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier by Etymotic Research to fill this need. Schedule an appointment today to see if The Bean is right for you!

THE BEAN® Quiet Sound Amplifier®

Quick Overview

The BEAN®amplifies sounds and enhances your hearing experience so your conversations become more effective in the car, in social situations, and at a distance. It comes in two models–The BEAN and the T-coil BEAN.


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